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Why should organisations and businesses shout their values out loud in their video content?

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By Suzanne Brown. Read time 2 mins

It doesn’t matter if you’re a not-for-profit or a business; your values are your most important asset. They reflect your purpose and underpin how you operate, how you treat your staff, partners, suppliers and most of all, your customers or clients. Telling the story of your purpose and values – your ‘why’ – and how you deliver on them are crucial to building trust and loyalty. Whether you’re selling widgets or a way out of poverty, your ideal audience will love hearing about how what you do transforms lives.  

Consumers and supporters are becoming more aware of the power of their dollar and are much more discerning about how and where they spend their money. With competition only getting more challenging for every dollar, whether they invest that dollar with you comes down to whether what you do and how you work resonates with them. 35% of people will pay more for a product that aligns with their values. More and more people care about the environment and ethics. If you’ve completed a modern slavery audit, tell people, or give a percentage of profit to charity; or are doing your best to reduce your carbon footprint, let your customers and potential customers know. It’s not big-noting yourself; it’s letting your ideal customer know that you care about the same things. 

If you need help talking about your values or your purpose and where to talk about them, it’s helpful to know your brand and your audience. Think about which product or service differentiates you; why do you sell it?; where and how do you sell it?  Iconic Fox has some great brand archetypes that will get you thinking about who are you or who you want to be. Next, build an audience profile: what do they think and feel? What do they hear and see? What’s their pain point, and how do you transform that? What is their focus, and what are their needs? Please give them a name and think about their demographics, online habits and where and how they spend their money.

An Edelman Brandshare survey discovered that 87% of people want a meaningful relationship with brands, but only 17% think that brands actually deliver. So don’t let yours be one of them!  

And if you need any help with this, give us a call or drop us a line.

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