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Why is video content an essential part of your Comms strategy? Pt 1

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By: Suzanne Brown. Read time: 2 mins (11 if you watch the videos)

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

                        Maya Angelou

There are many reasons that video is an essential part of your Comms Strategy, but the number one reason for us is that it’s a really effective way to make people’ feel’. With a video, viewers can feel how much you care about what you do; they can feel and see how much what you do transforms lives; they can sense whether they know, like and trust you, which ultimately underpins whether they are going to give you their money or their time. 

Video content doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – it might be a Facebook story, an Instagram reel, TikTok video, animated gifs, live videos, testimonials, recorded presentations or webinars. Even longer-form videos that tell a more detailed story don’t have to be expensive these days, thanks to smartphones and some great, reasonably inexpensive gear to augment them. 

One type of story that lends itself to video is the explainer video, like this one for Communiteer. We made this video purely from free stock footage and screengrabs of their platform. Showing how you work helps people feel more comfortable and safer with the processes – a big help if they’re hesitating! 

If you can film a longer-form video, it’s an excellent opportunity for viewers to get to know the people in your organisation, see the people you serve and feel the value you bring. This video we made for Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections has been instrumental in highlighting their work and has already resulted in significant support from new partners. The video accompanied a report and study by Western Sydney Uni about the effectiveness of place-based philanthropy. It complemented the report’s detail by seeing and hearing from the great people behind LNC and the people who benefit from their fantastic and tireless work. 

People are hard-wired for connection, and video connects viewers to stories and people better than anything. Consumers love it, and Google loves you for using it. More on that in the next post. 

If you need any help with video content ideas or strategy, give us a call.

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