What we do...

At The Content People we create any video, written or graphic content you need as and when you need it, or we can be your regular comms support team with our packages.

Video content

– Researching and writing scripts

– full production facilities

– 20+ years experience in filmmaking


Video content is fast becoming an essential part of any communications plan.  Social media loves it (and rewards you for using it) and viewers can’t get enough of it. 

Nothing communicates your passion, values and impact more effectively or quickly than video.  A 2 minute video imparts as much information as a 7 minute read and is much more likely to engage your ideal audience.

We provide as much or as little production support as you need.  If you’re comfortable scripting and filming your own stories we can edit, add graphics and music and output from as little as $500

If you’ve got a lot of footage but need help with scripting and post producing we can find your story, script it and post produce it from $1,500

And if you need us to do everything, just let us know what you’re wanting to achieve and we’ll give you a quote to come up with ideas, script and make it all for you.

Communications Support

– Virtual Communications Manager

– Strategy

– Planning

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Our mission at The Content People is to encourage and empower you to make compelling content that will inspire and motivate the donors, supporters and partners you need to create maximum impact.  Whether you don’t have a Comms Manager yet or you are a Comms Manager with too much to do and not enough time, we can give you all the support you need.

We can be your training coach, content coach or all-access mentor.  We can work with you on an hourly basis, or if you’d like the peace of mind of consistent Comms Support you can build-your-own Membership package to match your budget and needs. 

Virtual Comms Manager membership from $49 per month

One-off Content Strategy, Planning or Training/mentoring – $299 per hour

For existing clients – $199 per hour


Research icon white

– Social impact videos

– Documentary

– Television

Being curious types, we love diving deep into subjects. We’ve researched everything from documentaries on nurses and artists to mental health to how to build an 8-star energy-rated house—having a filmmaker’s eye for what’s important means we’re finding everything you need to tell a strong story in a visually compelling way.

Research starts from $360 


– Content Strategy

– Content Planning

– Training/mentoring

If you need to strategise or plan your content or purely brainstorm (we love doing that) campaign and content ideas we can schedule a one-off session or a package of sessions to not only create a solid strategy/plan but also practical ideas for how to make it happen – affordably and stress free.

One-off Content Strategy, Planning or Training/mentoring – $299 per hour

For existing clients – $199 per hour

Creating written content

– Ghostwrite blog pieces

– Research

– Reports and presentations

We love researching and writing blog pieces or articles. If you’ve got someone who’s a great talker but needs help writing, we can ‘ghostwrite’.  If you’ve got an idea for some content, but no time to do it, we can help. Or if you need a complex idea communicated succinctly and without jargon, we can do that too.

Blog/social media posts – from $180 per post

Reports/articles – POA starting from $540 


Camera white

– Events

– Social media & website

– Annual reports

Our photographers can capture high quality images of your PR event, fundraiser or workshop. They’re storytellers in their own right and will take the photos that bring your impact to life for social media, websites or annual reports. 


2 hours – $800

4 hours – $1,400

8 hours – $2,400


– Full design facilities

– Animated infographics

– Presentations and reports

Sometimes the figures say it all.  Our designers can turn data into a compelling and visual story – either as an image or an animated infographic. 

Design of print infographics start at $360

Animated infographics start at $1,500


– One on one

– Group training

– Training on demand

Part of our mission is to make content creation as affordable as possible for NFP’s.  As you’re the experts in your field we offer training that will give you all the skills you need to write, film and edit your own videos, or write your own copy for social media, blogs and annual reports.

One on One
If you need private training, we can do one on one training in person or via Zoom. 
$499 per hour

Group Training
Why not train the whole team?  We prefer group training in person but are happy to train via Zoom also. 
$7,000 per day
$4,000 per half day
Trainers support – $499 per hour

Training on Demand
Our Virtual Communications Manager membership has loads of training modules on storytelling, filming and editing, as well as tips, resources and inspiration.  

Membership – $49 p/m

Additional member sessions – $199 p/h


– Online training

– Resources

– Inspiration

– Regular Zoom Q&A

For all the communications support you need, our Virtual Communications Management membership has loads of training modules, resources and inspiration as well as regular Zoom Q&A’s and webinars.

Membership – $49 p/m

Additional member sessions – $199 p/h