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What types of videos do audiences most want to watch?

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By Suzanne Brown. Read time 2 mins

Whether you’re new to making videos or an old hand, it’s hard to keep up with what audiences are watching and how and where they view them.  Where do you start?

If I had to choose two universal themes that most popular videos fall into, they’d have to be stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things and stories of transformation. They could be the story of a Not-for-profit that lifts someone out of poverty; a business that goes above and beyond to make their customers’ lives better; or a product that revolutionises the way you do things to save time and money.

There are lots of ways to tell these stories. The key is making sure you have something useful to say to viewers; the most popular videos on YouTube are video blogs, product reviews, how-to videos, educational videos and Top Lists. Comedy, music, gaming and sport are popular too but perhaps not so relevant for the social sector or business (unless your business is games or sport!). What they all have in common is that they’re authentic and will add value to viewers lives.  

Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular styles and who’s watching them. 

Video blogs – these are unscripted thoughts and feelings of an influencer, customer or beneficiary. These could be Q&A’s, testimonials, or product reviews.

Video format – usually live-action.

Who watches them – Baby Boomers (50-70-year-olds), Generation X (35-50-year-olds)

Product reviews – ‘unboxing’ videos are hugely popular, followed by the reviewers’ thoughts on the product. Hubspot 90% of viewers say that a short video featuring a product they’re interested in helps them decide to purchase.

Video format – live-action video is the most popular format

Who watches them – ‘unboxing’ videos are watched by pretty much every demographic. One of YouTube’s highest earners is a small child who reviews toys; kids and parents can’t seem to get enough! Baby boomers particularly love product reviews.

How-to videos – showing how to use a product or service. 

Video format – could be live-action or screen capture (if your product or service is screen-based)

Who watches them – Baby boomers, Generation X

Educational – videos or a series of videos that educate people about what you do and why you do it.  

Video format – They could be behind the scenes, explainer videos or animated typography, 

Who watches them – Baby boomers, Generation X

Top List or listicles – these could be your top picks of products, ingredients, or facts about your industry/sector. People love lists; content with titles like “5 Things”, “10 Best”, or “20 Most” tend to get 3-4 times more views than other content on Facebook. 

Video format – photomontage, graphic-based 

Who watches them – everyone likes a list…

In the next few posts, we’ll tell you about the best kinds of video and formats for the different social media platforms.

If all this seems a bit overwhelming, give us a call. We love working out what you need and how to deliver it efficiently and cost-effectively.  

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