Suzanne Brown – Founder

Suzanne is a passionate and experienced storyteller. Determined to find a job that told stories, Suzanne talked her way into a job at the ABC, where she worked on everything from kids shows, news and current affairs, documentaries, drama and arts programs.

Since the ABC, she’s been producing, writing and editing stories for industry, corporate, magazines, blogs, not-for-profits, and social impact projects. Suzanne loves the power of a story to broaden perspectives, remind us of our common humanity, make people care and create change.

There aren’t many things that energise her more than taking her 20+ years of experience and collaborating with NFP’s and social impact organisations to nurture the confidence and skills to plan and create compelling content that engages, motivates and inspires donors and supporters to join them.

So, if you’re out there working hard to change the world and aren’t sure how to tell your story, she’d love to help.


Maria Chilcott – Not-for-profit Communications Specialist

Maria is a communications specialist with a passion for creating social impact through storytelling. She has over 20 years experience producing content that connects the head and heart, in diverse roles across both television (ABC-TV) and the not-for-profit sector, including fundraising, communications, marketing, and producing, writing and directing factual television at ABC-TV.

From digital marketing and copywriting to social media and strategy, she loves capturing the stories that make a difference in the world, change lives, and help for purpose organisations engage supporters at all levels, whether that is corporates, philanthropy, regular donors, the board, or volunteers. It’s all about producing engaging content, and finding strategic ways to reach an audience to ensure maximum social impact.

Maria also provides a mentoring service, designed to help others make a successful and rewarding transition from corporate life to a role in the for-purpose sector. Her first piece of advice: don’t hesitate, you’ll love it. 🙂


Mark Middis – Editor

Mark is an award-winning documentary editor whose work has screened on major networks here and overseas. With over 30 years’ experience, he has left his imprint on a slew of productions, including: Australia in Colour (SBS, 2019 & 2020), The Pool (ABC, 2019), Streets of Your Town (ABC, 2018), The Crown & US (ABC, 2018), Turning Point (Foxtel, 2018), War on Waste (ABC, 2017), David Stratton: Stories of Australian Cinema (ABC, 2016), Howard on Menzies (ABC, 2016), Blood & Thunder (2015), Breaking the Silence (ABC, 2015), Defendant 5 (ABC, 2015), Brilliant Creatures (ABC, 2014), Wide Open Road (2011), Mother of Rock (2009)…he also cut the ‘Life At’ series and worked on Four Corners. His work has won critical acclaim as well as a swag of awards and nominations – from Walkley’s to AACTA’s and Logies.

When he’s not working on award winning documentaries Mark loves to bring his considerable storytelling skills to NFP and social impact organisations.


Sonia Mitchell – Marketing and Customer Experience Manager

Sonia brings with her 20+ years of marketing and customer service experience and 20 years of accounting and audit experience too. She has worked in almost every industry which includes, Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Wholesale, Services, Federal Government, Accounting and more.  Sonia loves innovation so is always making sure we are using the latest and greatest programs and systems, which means you are also getting the latest and greatest too. Sonia also makes sure that you are getting not only a great customer experience and value from the work we do with you, but that you are getting a healthy ROI too.


Troy Shanks – Systems Director

With a background in Sales, Troy made the switch to IT 12 years ago when he realised that people were asking him for technical help more than the actual IT team at his work. Troy’s unique ability to communicate technical problems clearly, allows his clients to make informed and educated decisions about their build, as well as to learn about the process of website design, this results in a better outcome for the client, while giving the company the skills on how to engage their customer base through digital tools. Social media is another big one that companies know they need, but don’t understand how to use to connect with their audience. Combining his sales training and skills with his technical skill set has allowed Troy to build a reputation as the Go – to person for digital strategy and tools. Troy is also a nerd from before it was cool and will happily tell you about the latest tech gadgets and trends.