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So, who uses Facebook and what kind of content do they want?

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By Suzanne Brown. Read time 2 mins

Facebook is still the number one social media platform with 85% of people over 50, 77% of people over 30, and 86% of 18-29-year-olds are using it. With so many people viewing Facebook every day, it makes sense to be there too. It’s an excellent platform for engaging and developing a relationship with your ideal audience with any content – videos, text or photos.  As we’ve mentioned in other posts, video is a brilliant way of getting a lot more information across in a short, more entertaining way. And Facebook itself says that video content drives higher engagement and more interactions from users than anything else on the platform. 

Facebook provides a few different options for videos.  If you’re posting video content, it’s best to use Native video (not a link to a third party like YouTube or Vimeo, for example). Not only does it keep people on your page longer (rather than being redirected to YouTube), but according to Quintly native video drives 89% engagement, as opposed to 8% on YouTube and 0.15% on Vimeo. In addition, Facebook rewards any video content that organically (not paid for) drives discussion or holds viewers’ attention, so it doesn’t hurt to ask a question to get a conversation going either. The questions people ask or the comments they make can also give you some great clues as to what content your audience needs or wants.

Sharing user-generated content can also increase engagement and build trust. For example, people are 2.4% more likely to view user-generated content as authentic (Businesswire).

What type of video?  How-to videos, mini-documentaries, not so mini-documentaries, interviews, product or service explainer videos. Think about whether you can repurpose any longer videos into stories or a series of shorter videos.

How long can videos be? You can upload videos up to 240 mins long, and Facebook states that “videos get shown organically to more people when they’re at least 3 minutes long.” They recommend small businesses keep their video ads to 15 seconds. And make sure you cut to the chase; 47% of the value in a video is delivered in the first 3 seconds.

Facebook Stories are considered the new newsfeed, and 1 billion Facebook stories are shared daily (financesonline) by 500 million users (Techcrunch). They appear right at the top of the feed, a prime spot to attract attention. Stories are great for announcements or breaking news, Behind the Scenes teasers to promote an event or launch, quick snapshots of new products or polls to engage your audience.  Stories only stay live for 24 hours and only the person who posted gets to see the comments. What format? You can upload photos (single or multiple), pre-recorded videos or you can record something new or Live. Have some fun with stickers, text or buttons.

How long can Stories be? Photos play for 5 seconds each, and videos can be up to 20 seconds long.

Facebook Live can now be used by anyone (not just verified brands), and Facebook users watch 100 million videos per day (financesonline). Live videos are ranked higher in news feeds.  Facebook live is great for anything interactive – webinars, tutorials, product demonstrations, behind the scenes. In addition, viewers are much more likely (10 times according to Wired) to leave comments and questions if you’re responding to them throughout the broadcast.

Facebook Live also notifies your followers, which helps attract more viewers.

If we can help you make compelling, shareable, videos that start conversations, give us a call or drop us a line, we’d love to assist.

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