Virtual Comms Manager (VCM) Membership

You have a passion for helping people or the planet, right?

And you know that the donors, partners and volunteers you need are out there, but how to connect with them?

The number one way to let people see and feel your passion and purpose is to tell them irresistible stories about your impact: what you do and who or what you help.

Consistently creating great content is always a challenge for not-for-profits. It goes with the territory to run lean to fund your work, so there are usually not enough people or hours in the day to do content creation as well as you’d like. 

Our Virtual Comms Manager (VCM) membership can help. We aim to support you with inspiration, training, resources, and truckloads of encouragement, to create the compelling content you need to tell your organisation’s story and attract the funds and support you need to thrive. 

What Membership offers you...

Training, resources, inspiration

The VCM membership hub includes training modules, resources and templates to help you create fantastic content quickly, consistently and efficiently. Every month you will have inspiration, new tips and tricks, the latest comms news, webinars, templates, strategy, case studies and the latest training delivered to your inbox.


And every month, we’ll have a group Zoom session where you’ll meet the rest of the VCM community and ask any questions you have. You can also connect with the other members through the private VCM Facebook group to share stories, ask advice or test ideas (what happens in VCM Facebook, stays in VCM Facebook).

Purchase now

VCM Membership costs less than a coffee a day and will deliver lots more energy and content!

1 month – $49

12 months – $490 (2 months free!)

Private coaching/check ins – $200 an hour

Tailored packages – POA