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Isn’t video content expensive?

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By Suzanne Brown. Read time: 2 mins

You can spend a lot of money on video, but you don’t have to. The best way to save money is to film the video yourself on your phone. The two things that let down videos filmed on phones are the audio and ‘wobble cam’. So, it’s worth investing in a microphone and tripod (about $200 for both) to turn your humble phone into a professional video camera.

Viewers want authentic content, and depending on what the video is for, it doesn’t need to be too polished. Keep it real. I’m on the mailing list for a multi-millionaire who still sends videos he shoots on his phone to promote his courses. He can afford to spend money, but he chooses not to because he wants us to know and trust him. His passion shines through in his 30-second videos, and they’re always compelling and persuasive.

The main thing, whether you’re filming yourself or not, is to have a good story. Many of our clients over the years have said, “I know I need a video, but we don’t have any stories”. Everyone’s got a story. A good place to start is to ask yourself: what are the barriers to a customer/donor investing with me?  Then try and think of some fun ways to break down those barriers. A behind the scenes video showing the pride and care your staff take in their work/product/customers. Can you get some testimonials from happy customers or beneficiaries? Can you film a short video that explains how your product/service works and the value it provides? You could easily film any of these types of stories on your phone.  

If you’re unsure, a great resource to find out the questions people are asking about pretty much anything is – the free version gives you two searches a month, but you’ll get a ton of ideas from just one. Be sure to select your country (it defaults to the UK) and learn what people are asking about your product/service/idea. 

Now you’ve got a story, let’s get back to making it into a video. Filming a good quality video and even editing it on your phone (if it’s not too complex) is entirely doable and will save you a lot of money. If your video needs more editing than your phone can provide, there are lots of great low-cost or free editing tools available. Here are some you could try.



Free with Mac – iMovie

Free with PC – Windows 10 comes with a free video editor, or Shotcut is worth a try. 

If editing, making graphics, and adding music yourself is a bridge too far, give us a call; we love editing other people’s footage. 

We also love helping you find your stories and the best way to tell them (it might not always be video), so if you need help with that, get in touch!

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