The Secret to an engaging Newsletter

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Do you email out newsletters only to find that supporters and staff still don’t know what’s going on? Most of us get swamped with emails every day, and we might intend to get back to an email but often don’t.  The trick is to make it more appealing to open, and a great way to do that is with video. People will decide in the first 2-3 seconds if they are interested in what you have to say.  By simply adding “Watch video” to your subject line, your email is more likely to be opened.  And once it’s opened, people are more likely to spend more time reading other content resulting in more traffic to your website.

With its ability to give so much visual information, a video can tell viewers so much more in less time.  They are the number one way to engage, build trust, and enhance your organisations’ voice.  And adding video can actually mean you spend less time on producing your newsletter.  Video won’t replace text altogether but will carry the main information load with text supporting it.

But does it really work, and can we afford it?

Our client Relationships Australia NSW wanted to engage their staff better and knew video was the answer but thought it was cost-prohibitive.  Until they met us.  Our mission at The Content People is to help NFP’s tell their stories, and that doesn’t matter whether they’re internal or external stories.  They’re all important. 

Technology is making it easier all the time to film good quality video yourself.  We recommend clients use their smartphones, buy a small microphone and a tripod, and shoot their own video, then send it to us to edit.  David Goldman, General Manager, Brand, Marketing & Sustainability, took the plunge and hasn’t looked back.

“We’re not videographers, but the fact that you know that there’s an editor there that can edit out people’s ums and ahhs put some music underneath and a couple of images in, that’s really great to know. So, I think us working together in partnership is producing an excellent outcome.”

“People are definitely responding, we’re getting email responses back saying that they’re enjoying the videos or they’re asking questions, so we know that people are watching the videos.”

Once you have your video, you need to think about where to place it within your newsletter.  In a nutshell, if it’s an intro from your CEO, put it up first.  If it’s an organisation update or a brag piece (bragging is good!), place it in the middle of your newsletter.  And if it’s a testimonial or supporter story, put it at the end.  This may feel like it’s saying it’s less significant, but it actually creates more impact at the end.   

If you’d like more information on how to make a video for your newsletter drop us a line at

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