About us

For more than twenty years we’ve been creating compelling stories for all sorts of audiences and businesses:  ABC-TV, Foxtel, documentary, corporates, magazines, blogs, small businesses, not-for-profits, and social impact organisations.

Working with such diverse industries and sectors means that we’ve told pretty much every kind of story; our favourites being when people don’t even think they have a good one (spoiler alert, everyone has a story!).  

Social impact stories are what we do best. What makes our day is when we can help communicate your organisation’s value, making your passion contagious; motivating and inspiring your ideal audience to support your cause or business.  

We know powerful stories about your organisation and its impact achieve all of that and more. But we also know that you’re time-poor, and that’s where we can help. We want to be your content partners – guiding and supporting you through every stage of the process, from strategy and planning, to creating the compelling content that will make your cause irresistible to donors, supporters, customers and partners.

We can help you connect with your audience, whether the job is small or large, from creating video content for social media, training you or your staff in how to shoot those videos yourself, to developing a content strategy.

We’d love to help you change the world. Give us a call